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Find and play the legendary and controversial game Slaughterhouse Hunt. Some say a demo kiosk still exists in the abandoned Falls Lake Mall, but don't stay too long. What happens when you play? Can you get out alive?


Left mouse: select/attack

Right mouse: use/interact

Shift: sprint

Space: jump

Q: menu


Art, design, and programming by ju5t1nj

Music by Matt Hodge

Additional music by Dolan Gar


  • Interact with objects using right click
  • Select the objects in the inventory before using
  • Use Q to start the mini game and open and close the menu
  • There are multiple endings
Published 6 days ago
Tags3D, Horror, PSX, Unreal Engine


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HSK2v1.zip 834 MB


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This is really great game. I like the puzzle and the creepy atmosphere. Great Work better than the first one.



Appreciate it and thanks for playing!

I loved the first one and I really liked this one too!!! The arcade game was a really neat feature and it was actually enjoyable!!! That jumpscare got me at the end too LOL! Keep up the great work homie!!!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Wow this is quite the energetic play-through! I enjoyed watching you play, glad you dig it.

Gotta say this game scared thi S#!t outta me! really cool concept, i like how u gotta figure out how to get in at first and have the free option to just leave right away! Gotta check out the other endings!


I liked your reaction, thanks for the play-through!

Awesome game. It was really creepy and I like the idea of a cursed arcade game. Keep up the great work! 

Thanks for playing, I'm glad the creepy video came through.


Thanks for playing!

Played this first one about a year ago and loved it, glad to play the second one now (loved the mini-arcade game, would legit play a whole game based around that)

Glad you like both! I wish this one had the same jump scare effect, but hope the depth made up for it.

just The Abandoned vibe alone Felt Pretty Creepy!

Thanks, I had fun making the interior!

Oh the nostalgia! Had a blast playing Highscore killer back in 2020 and this did it justice. I still prefer the original over this one, but this definitely adds to the lore that is the Highscore Killer realm. Looking forward to what you do next Ju5t1nj!

I'm glad you dig both games. This was a fantastic play-through! Looking forward to following your channel.

I thought I might've gotten all the endings, but I'm pretty sure I missed one. I have an idea of how to get the one I missed, but I had no time to try and get it in this video. Overall, this was insanely cool! A much more in depth dive into this terrifying universe. I hope to see more from you!

Thanks, super stoked you played, love your YouTube channel.

here is what i believe is all the endings, 5 in total.  If there are more endings what love to know about it.

That's it! Super satisfying watching your play-through. Thanks for playing!

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No, thank you!  I really had a blast playing.

Here you go, beaten and escaped without dying.


nice game concept i enjoyed the idea but i kinda went on a bit hard on it in the end so i hope you wont mind and would take it as constructive criticism ... plus i got 3 endings so i dont know if thats all of them :D

(1 edit) (+1)

It's all good. I'm more of an artist, so these games are a fun way to practice game design and coding. I'm not competing with other games or anything, just having fun with it and enjoying watching people play. I appreciate your time and feedback.

You also found a few bugs I (or other play testers) never encountered, so that is useful in itself! And no that's not all the endings there are more than 3.

well i can say i have a talent in breaking games and glitches seem attracted to me even if they dont exist :D and dang ... i wonder how many more apart from the one with less than three kills ...

Where do you use white empty bottle and safety cone and how do you open locked electric box?

Not everything is useful, thanks for playing.

will there be patch?

It's interesting to see how this game has evolved a lot compared to its predecessor. So far I've only had two endings... I'll try to find others. Congratulations.

P.S.: if there is a way to find the crowbar, it's difficult, so far I haven't been able to find it. =)

hey :) yeah you can get it when you have to kill 4 people and you just rush the first one then it tells you Quick Kill ... after that you can open the door for it 

Thanks appreciate it and posting the play-through!

horror game

Cool thanks for playing!

Creepy very retro old skool vibes.

Thanks, enjoyed your play-through!

Well done, good game!

Thanks for playing!

This was dope!

I loved your play-through, everyone sub to this channel. Thanks for playing!

I appreciate you! Keep up the great    work!

Very cool. I wasn't able to beat it but had fun trying multiple things to try and finish it.

Thanks for playing, you almost got it.

Well. I got one ending. 
The game is good. The sound design, overall atmosphere is great. I had a hard time going over the fence, but the rest was fine. Of course, I did not record the rest of the game. Great work dev. 

Ha! Well played.

I appreciate the comments and thanks for playing!