A downloadable game

A short horror game created for the 2020 Epic MegaJam.

Art, design, and programming by Justin J.

Music tracks composed by Matt Hodge.

This game was created with The Unreal Game Engine.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and run the application file inside. This game was created with the Unreal Engine and needs the appropriate requirements recommended to run an Unreal project.


HighScoreKiller.zip 372 MB


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so i tried downloading it and it worked, but when i try to play it keeps saying error and something with the bianary?

Gotta say you got me xD. Would be nice if the game in the machine wasnt just going left to right, and had some ,idk, levels, but i understand it was made quickly. Anyway, great game, great theme, and i would love to get more of the story!


I was surprised at how I didn't see the ending coming. Watching other gamers play, it seems a lot didn't see it coming, either. This is a great game to feature in a three-horror-game video or by itself - sweet, short, and to the point. I love how the carpeting inside the abandoned arcade was designed, though it would've tied the place nicely if there were pictures and burned out neon signs and lights on the walls. I edited a couple of sound effects in my video at the part where I reached the high score on the arcade; I thought it gave the arcade a nice touch.

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Thanks and great play through video! I agree--I made this quickly for a game jam. I used some premade assets, but made a good portion of them myself. I started running out of time and had to skimp out arcade decorations.

commentary  gameplay 

Thanks for playing!


A short Jumpscare but very SPICY GAMEPLAY!


Thanks, I enjoyed watching your playthrough!

thank you!

Nice game! 

No Commentary 

Thanks for playing!

Short, Sweet, and Straight to the Point! Just how I like it!

Thanks and great playthrough!

the games atmosphere and build up are great but its a little short and the scares themselves could use some work but overall good idea and great visuals would love to see a full game made by this developer if you want to see the video i made on this game here it is (spoiler warning)

and if you enjoyed the video be sure to share it with someone i really appreciate it and it helps a lot 

Thanks for the feedback and I agree. This was made in 4 days for a game jam--so I hope my next project will be a little more polished.

Really cool game! I enjoyed the inception like gameplay. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

Yeah thanks for playing, I did watch your playthrough, ha.

I had an AWESOME time playing this game! Great game! Really got me in the end lol. Be sure to subscribe!

Thanks so much, enjoyed your playthrough! 

Thank you for the game!

Loved this! Killer build up and that scare got me so bad. Can't wait to see your next project!


Thanks, enjoyed your playthrough! I'm working on another horror game now! I'm hoping it'll be a little more polished.

Second game I played. That last scare really got me good.

Ha thanks!

Was a pretty fun small horror game! Only wished that there was more that happened with the arcade game itself, but was still a pretty fun game. For some reason the message pings were super scary...

Thanks--I agree. This was for a game jam and I had so many plans, but ultimately time got the best of me. That said, as I mentioned in another reply, I made the arcade game itself kind of boring to encourage players to leave, but you're right, maybe it could have had some other kind of effect on the world.

This is a great small game you got here.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed even though it's short!

good game


Lovely little game!

Thanks for playing!

That highscore got beat! So did my nerves though.. Very good Justin. Hat to you 

Here's my game playthrough for all; Enjoy!

Thanks! Ha I loved your reaction--awesome shirt btw.

Iโ€™m glad you enjoyed; both shirt and  reaction ๐Ÿ˜„. 

Nice clean short gameplay ! Well done!

Thanks, that was the point--glad you enjoyed!

That scare at the end got me. Fun and spooky at the same time. This was a great short game. Starts at 4:32 in my 2 random horror games video.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the short play time!

I didn't mind it being short. I thought it was fun regardless of how long it was.

Cool game I like it, I did almost got stucked in the arcade game :) Well Done!

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Ha thanks. I considered making the arcade game more complex, but was afraid people would get sucked in and not progress. I purposefully made it kinda boring to encourage players to leave.

Great work! This was a great setting and payoff

Thanks--I enjoyed making it, miss the old arcades.

Loved this! I enjoyed the initial premise of the game, and even more when I put together what was actually happening. I never expected that ending though. Great work! 


Thanks for playing, I enjoyed watching the playthrough.

This is in my top 5 of my favorite short horror games so far on itch.io

Cool, glad you enjoyed!

An interesting game to play actually, good job yall!

Thanks and great channel btw.

The fuse box was locked and I couldn't find the key.


Cool! thanks for playing!

The first playthrough on my 3 Scary Games feature video!

Ha, funny commentary. Thanks for playing.


The game looked really good and had a good premise. Good luck on your next project and have a blessed day!

Thanks man, really enjoyed your video and reaction.

Nice game

Thanks for playing, enjoyed your playthrough.

This was really cool! A very creepy atmosphere throughout, and the entire time I was playing I had a nagging feeling that something was off. The arcade machine sequence added a layer of immersion, and realizing how it affected the world around me was very cool. Also, that jump scare REALLY got me. Great job!

Thanks! I really enjoyed your play through and comments. If I had more time I would have definitely incorporated some of the things you talked about. Thanks again!

Thanks for making this. I have lots of nostalgia for 80's arcades and this really took me back. The music was really good too! I made a VO Let's Play and attached it below.

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Oh cool, glad you enjoyed. I have nostalgia for arcades too... especially those you'd find in skating rinks or pizza places. 

Ha! You got me. I was not expecting that at all. Really good timing. Short and sweet. 

Your game is the last one in the video.

Thanks man, really enjoyed your playthrough--and your channel in general.


lol you got me good job ๐Ÿ˜‚!! Start @ 01:22 

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Ha, I loved your playthrough, thanks for playing!

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it was a short and sweet game, also that jumpscare was pretty neat, good work :)

Thanks so much. I love horror games and it's a blast watching people play--so much so I'm working on another!

That's great, I'm looking forward to it :)

hi what r the specs for this game, really struggling to play and i really want to ;// cheers !

Hi, I'm not really sure. It was a quick game jam entry--I only took a couple of days to put it together and honestly didn't think too much about specs/efficiency, etc. I imagine any computer that can run the Unreal Engine editor should be able to run it fine. I tried my best to not go crazy, but some of the textures I made are pretty high rez.

I might revisit it soon, clean up some bugs I saw in playthrough videos and make it run smoother. Thanks for trying, I hope you get to play it.

thats cool dude ! i'll watch this space, i got 16gb ram and 2gb vram but struggle bad, looks rly cool tho :))

Strange, that should definitely handle it no problem...

my task manager is saying the game is using 100% gpu, is this an UE4 issue ? ik its not ur job, just if you could help thatd be great x

A good game, I recommend it to everyone, I want you to subscribe to my channel, Merry Christmas friends:Placebogames - YouTube

Sure, and thanks!

Good game. Congrats!

Thanks for playing!

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